The Triode: Redesign Blemish


Developing a product is a process of design versus construction. As most of us experience at some point, the best laid designs rarely go as planned. Some mistakes are easily corrected while others can ruin materials completely. The original Triode design, though very compact, makes for a smaller margin of error and potentially more mistakes while assembling the unit. The picture shown here was an attempt at moving it over to the larger 1590BB enclosure which will most likely be a standard until I can finally do away with drilling by hand.


This item is fully functional. The main problem with the enclosure is that the bottom two knobs are a few millimeters closer together than they should be. Thus, there’s no point in painting the enclosure and can be purchased at a highly discounted price!

Price: $60.00

$11.00 flat rate shipping to continental U.S. only. International orders will be billed the difference before item ships.

Sold Out!

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