The Esteli: A cigar box practice amp

The Esteli: A Cigar Box Practice Amplifier

This little guy is a cigar box turned amplifier for guitar practice or MP3 player. The idea behind this amp was to get a classic sound from a classic looking enclosure while re-using existing materials. This cigar box hails all the way from Nicaragua, and it’s wooden resonance gives it a beautiful, natural sound. The amplifier can be powered off a 9V battery or with a 9VDC power adapter. It has a volume knob and tone contour knob to set balance bass and mid tones. With a 1/4″ Switchcraft stereo input jack, an 1/8″ TRS adapter (not included) can give your MP3 player or phone the nostalgia of a 1960’s transistor radio. It’s a great looking addition to your shelves or coffee table while its portability lets you take it with you to the beach or picnic.

Here’s a demo of a previous build featuring Alex Wilson of Supersun. Results may vary.

Alex Wilson of SONCATS as he demos an LM386-based cigar-box amp… from abram on Vimeo.

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